Ramadan Review 2013-1434

The first week of Ramadan is over and it feels like was an eternity. Alhamdulillah I don’t feel tired out or beat yet, I just can’t believe it’s only been one week! At the same time, I can’t believe that this is ¼ over. 😥 No likey. Last week I set myself some goals (and so did my friend!), and here I’d like to review them to see how I’m getting on and what needs to change and what needs to stay the same. Here goes:

Things I will do:

  1. Pray Taraweeh: 7/7 Alhamdulillah I’ve done this every night all week, and, because the mosques are reading one hizb a night and I’m doing 2, I’m actually ahead of them. This means that even when I have my praycation (seriously ❤ that word 😀 ) I’ll still be ahead. Booyah!
  2. Read the whole Qur’an: 14/30 I didn’t read any  Qur’an the first day, and then made up for it the next by reading 5 juz’      in one day. To be honest, I’ve done well with this because it’s easy for me to read the surahs that I know, but now that I’m in unchartered territories I’m talking it much slower – just the normal one juz’ per day. Alhamdulillah, I’ve still completed 14 Juz’, so I’m nearly half way there. Yay!
  3. Pray 2 rakat before/after every prayer: 4/5 Well I always do this for at least 4 prayers out of 5. Dhuhr, Asr and Maghrib (<– I thought this would be a challenge) are no problem, so it comes down to whether or not I pray Taraweeh immediately after Isha or delay it until before Fajr (I’m counting Qiyam in the last part of the night for Fajr, too). Either way, I need to sort this one out. From now on, even if I delay Taraweeh, I don’t take off my hijab after Isha until I’ve prayed 2 extra rakat, and I always leave Shaf’ & Witr until Fajr.
  4. Blog a minimum of 3 times a week: 1/3 (I’m counting last week’s ramadan plan post.) This I really need to pick up. I have 2 topics in mind, plus this post I’ll have three, but I have to write them within the next 24 hours and then I can schedule them for Friday and Sunday inshallah.

Things I’d like to do:

  1. Revise at least 4 hizbs of Qur’an: 0/0 Although I originally said that I’d do this after I’d finished reading the Qur’an, I’ve now changed my mind. I’m so ahead with my reading, and I’ve slowed down to a more manageable amount, so I have the time and focus to do this too Inshallah.
  2. Exercise 3-4 times a week: 3/3  I did this!!!! I’m soooo proud of myself for doing this Alhamdulillah. I work out for 25mins on the evenings when it’s my sister’s turn to do the washing up and that’s working for me so far. (Watching the Biggest Loser motivates me too 😉 .)
  3. Say extra duas / adhkar along with my daily dhikr: 0/0 I went through the dua app on my phone and picked out the ones I want to say, but I haven’t looked at it since. I need these on a list. Inshallah I’ve decided to put them together and publish them as a post. (NB: I have been doing my regular adhkar – it’s just the extras I keep forgetting.)
  4. Listen to Qur’an: 0/0 I haven’t even downloaded it to my phone ( I don’t like the reciter I have). Inshallah I’ll do this today.

Things I won’t do:

  1. Watch crappy TV (except The Biggest Loser – whilst stuffing my face): 7/7 I haven’t had time to watch anything else.
  2. Spend hours in the kitchen: 7/7      Alhamdulillah this one’s been easy to keep up. The most I’ve ever spent was 2hrs (and part of that is due to how slow I move just before Maghrib – seriously, it’s like slow mo). A major factor was in having a meal plan which divides the work fairly evenly between my mum, sister and I.
  3. Overeat: 7/7 I reckon I’ve done this one really well. I haven’t been that hungry at iftar time, but I snack during the night, and I’ve got that taken care of as well      Alhamdulillah. There have been times when I’ve felt uncomfortable, but that was liquids, as I’ve been drinking about 3litres every night.

Okay, so this week I mostly just want to keep up the good work, and add the following:

  • Focus on praying 2 rakat after Isha if I delay Taraweeh, and always pray 2 before Fajr if I don’t.
  • Write 2 blog posts and schedule them for Friday and Sunday.
  • Revise one hizb of Qur’an. (I’m starting bottom up, because they’re much neglected by me)
  • Actually write my dua list and make time to do them.
  • Download Qur’an recitation and put it on my iPhone. (I’ll listen when in the kitchen.)

Over to you guys: How’s Ramadan been for you and your goals so far? What has gone well? What do you need to work on?