Here are my reviews for week one and week two.

This Ramadan is whizzing by! I can’t believe that we’ve only got one more week left, Subhanallah. Alhamdulillah I feel like I’ve had a good week – better than last – so I’m hoping to finish Ramadan strong Inshallah. I always do my best when the deadline is imminent! 🙂

Things I will do Inshallah:

1)  Read the Qur’an. – DONE!!

2)   Pray Tarawih.

I’m ok with this one. I didn’t pray every night this week, as we had guests, but I did manage to pray it 4 times this week.

3) Pray a minimum of 2 rakahs of Qiyam ul-layl, two or three times a week.

DONE!! Alhamdulillah I prayed 5 times this week. Now that we’re in the last ten days I intend to pray Qiyam every night – especially as I’m up all night anyway.

4) Make my dua in the morning and evening.

DONE!! Alhamudlillah, just about. Sometimes there’s only a few hours between the two, but hey! I remembered them all!

5)  Finish memorising Surah Yunus.

Alhamdulillah I’ve made some progress on this. It’s 13.5 pages long, and I’ve revised/memorised 8 so far. This goal is actually easier than it sounds as I have memorised over half of it and am very familiar with the rest. So inshallah I’ll finish this before the week is out.

Things I’d like to do, but might not:

1)  Publish one post every day on this blog.

Ummm. No. Despite some wonderful encouragement this week, the lack of leccy/crappy connection has just left me not bovvered. Inshallah I’ll be better next week.

2)  Revise some Qur’an. Maybe the last 4 hizbs.

I haven’t started this properly, except that I have been reading the last hizb in Qiyam and Alhamdulillah, seem to be reaching for the Mus’haff a lot less.

3)  Exercise 4 times a week Inshallah.

DONE!! Yay! Alhamdulillah, I read this article about exercising during Ramadan and focusing on strength training so as not to lose muscle toning/strength, while devoting this month to Ibadah instead of health, and it really helped. Also, putting on my workout clothes before praying Tarawih definintely helped me to exercise afterwards. Alhamdulillah I worked out 4 times, doing strength workouts from the Nike Training Club for women.

Things I will not do Inshallah:

1)   Watch any of my usual TV programmes / films.

DONE!! Although I did do some channel – flicking earlier this week at half-past midnight, all I really got to watch was 15 mins of the Omar film series (I wasn’t impressed and won’t be trying to watch it afterwards. On a side note, it had the actor who played Salahudin Al-Ayyubi in Kingdom of Heaven playing Abu Bakr – which I liked, because somehow it made me realise that maybe I need to learn more about this companion in order to be better able to relate to him). This was followed by some interviews with Arnold Schwarzennegar, so it was very easy to switch off.

2)   Overeat.

DONE!! If anything I might have undereaten. Except that the weighing scales is daring to imply that I’m lying on this – it’s the lack of cardio people!

Alhamdulillah, a good week overall, and very iman-boosting with the sisters we’ve had over for Iftar. I just can’t believe we only have ONE week left! BOO!

This coming week Inshallah I’d like to focus on praying Qiyam every night, finishing Surah Yunus (seriously this has been on my to-do list for nearly 2 years!), blog at least 3 more times after this post, make more of an effort to revise the last hizb of Quran (maybe 2) and keep up the exercise.

How are your Ramadan goals going? Do you have any special goals for the last ten days?