Subhanallah, an entire week of Ramadan has gone by already! According to the tradition I started last year, this means it’s time for a review of my goals and plans for the month to see what I’ve done well, what needs working on and what may need to be abandoned.

This year, I decided to divide my goals according to the things that I will do, the things I might do, and the things that I won’t do, so I’ll be reviewing them in those categories Inshallah.

Things I will do Inshallah:

1)  Read the Qur’an.

DONE!! Alhamdulillah I finished this goal about 2 hours ago.

2)   Pray Tarawih.

Hmmmm. This one is going well, but I just feel like it could have gone better. I don’t really know why, I guess that since I missed a few nights because we went out/had guests that I just feel behind. I also realised in the middle of the week that what I wrote last time about not getting to finish reading all the Qur’an I’ve memorised was wrong – I recite one juz’ every night, but was counting the Hizbs (half a Juz’): DUH!!

3) Pray a minimum of 2 rakahs of Qiyam ul-layl, two or three times a week.

This past week I prayed 4 rakahs twice. It seems like 4 rakahs is my go to number (a nice even hizb) so Inshallah I keep it up and pray more often.

4) Make my dua in the morning and evening.

This, like last week has gone very well, Alhamdulillah, bar the one morning when I didn’t make dua. I’m changing my pattern again (who said routine was important?) so that I say my morning duas after fajr before I go back to bed and the afternoon ones after Asr/Maghrib ish.

Things I’d like to do, but might not:

1)  Finish memorising Surah Yunus.

Again, I still haven’t started this goal, because I was focused on reading the Qur’an. But now that I’ve finished reading I will move this up to the above category. I have enough time to finish it before the end of the month, so Inshallah I can do it.

2)  Publish one post every day on this blog.

Hah hah! Yeah… right… umm… Inshallah it’ll be better this week.

3)  Revise some Qur’an. Maybe the last 4 hizbs.

Umm, I haven’t actually started this one properly – I was reading the Qur’an and next I’ll be finishing Surah Yunus Inshallah – but I have been reading the last hizb in my Qiyam at night. I know most of it, but there are surahs I just don’t read much in my salat. I kinda forget they’re there. Alhamdulillah, it’s nice to refamiliarise myself with this section.

4)  Exercise 4 times a week Inshallah.

I exercised once, but I’ve already done one workout for this week too. I think the key is to putting on my workout clothes before I pray Tarawih and wearing them under my hijab. Both times I’ve done it has resulted in a workout.

Things I will not do Inshallah:

1)   Watch any of my usual TV programmes / films.

This week I watched two documentaries: Koran By Heart (which followed three kids taking part in the annual international Qur’an competition held in Egypt every year, and their stories. Mashallah very interesting. Made by and for a US audience – HBO – so some of the translation was out of wack, but it was good, mashallah.) and Starsuckers (which was about how and why the media created and focused on fame and celebrity gossip so much. The premise was good, but the format kinda made it hard to figure out what the point was. It also made it feel a bit conspiratorial – and I had conspiracy theories – even though I think there were valid points made.)

2)   Overeat.

Alhamdulillah I did good on this all week – YAY!

Ok, so for this week that means I need to focus on praying Tarawih / Qiyam, Revising and then memorising Surah Yunus and exercising. I’m also aiming for 100% on my goals of saying my dua and not overeating.

How are your Ramadan goals going?