Subhanallah, an entire week of Ramadan has gone by already! According to the tradition I started last year, this means it’s time for a review of my goals and plans for the month to see what I’ve done well, what needs working on and what may need to be abandoned.

This year, I decided to divide my goals according to the things that I will do, the things I might do, and the things that I won’t do, so I’ll be reviewing them in those categories Inshallah.

Things I will do Inshallah:

1)  Read the Qur’an.

Alhamdulillah I’m ahead of target on this one. Well ahead of target. Which is just as well as we’ve had / been guests and it’s set to increase this week inshallah, and this definitely is my biggest challenge with regards all of my goals: having guests / going out and sticking to my plans.

2)   Pray Tarawih.

I wasn’t actually praying at the beginning of Ramadan this year (again) so I’ve only had the last 3 days of praying to count, of which I have prayed Tarawih twice. Unfortunately, by my calculations, I won’t get to recite all of the Qur’an in my Taraweeh unless I make up that night that I missed, so for a couple of nights I might pray an extra 4 rakat with my 8 Tarawih rakat to cover the Juz’ I’m behind on anyway.

3) Pray a minimum of 2 rakahs of Qiyam ul-layl, two or three times a week.

Again, not praying made this not practicable for a while, but even the days when it has, I haven’t prayed any rakat. For some reason I keep telling myself I have to pray 4 rakat, and then I get lazy. Last night I didn’t pray qiyam for no good reason – I didn’t bother trying to go to bed until after fajr, so I should have prayed.

N.B.: The distinction that I make between Tarawih and Qiyam is that I pray Tarawih immediately after Isha (or thereabouts), whereas Qiyam I intend to pray from about 3 a.m. onwards.

4) Make my dua in the morning and evening.

Alhamdulillah, almost 100% success here. I didn’t say my evening adhkar yesterday, but apart from that, I’ve managed to remember it. I actually say my dua in the morning while I’m making my bed and then when I’m done, I sit on it and finish up. In the evening, however, I have no set time (although it’s usually just before Maghrib, while prepping food, or tidying up before the washing up), and that’s why I think I forgot to say them.

Things I’d like to do, but might not:

1)  Finish memorising Surah Yunus.

I have decided not to start this until I’ve finished reading the Qur’an. I’m afraid that if I did start this while reading, I’d get behind on one, then the other and get neither done.

2)  Publish one post every day on this blog.

Ok, so clearly I haven’t stuck to this – but then that is why it’s under the things I’d like to do, but might not. Alhamdulillah I’ve published 6 posts since the first night of Ramadan, which is already more than I wrote all month last year, so it aint too shabby. I think I need to perhaps prepare some posts in advance, if I want to keep up my current level.

3)  Revise some Qur’an. Maybe the last 4 hizbs.

I’ve not started this yet. Again, I’m waiting until I’ve finished reading the Qur’an to make a serious effort on this, but Inshallah I will only be reading these hizbs in Qiyam, and that in itself should help with the revision.

4)  Exercise 4 times a week Inshallah.

Hmmmm. I actually thought that my goal was just to do it regularly, not 4 times specifically. Anyways, all I got in was one time. I had another good opportunity to exercise, but I was sooo full, my tummy hurt. (hangs head in shame.)

Things I will not do Inshallah:

1)   Watch any of my usual TV programmes / films.

Honestly, this one’s gone the best. I have watched only one documentary and nothing else all this week – not even MBC’s Umar series. Booyah!

2)   Overeat.

Bar the one night that I overate, I’ve done well on this I think. Alhamdulillah, I haven’t had any hunger pains or headaches since my first day, although thirst is inevitable if I read Qur’an during the day.

Ok, so that’s my week. Alhamdulillah I feel very positive so far, and feel like I’m making progress on my goals. Inshallah this keeps up over the next three weeks or so. What I think I need to work are praying Qiyam, making sure to say my evening Adhkar, prepare some blogposts ahead of time, be more conscientious about exercising, and just make sure not to repeat that overeating experience (which was actually rather unpleasant, so this shouldn’t be too hard).

I also want to work on my salat more as my concentration is shot to pieces, although I must say, Tarawih is helping with that, I think.

Over to you: How are your Ramadan goals going? What’s been going well for you, and what are you going to redouble your efforts on?