Beach view

Gratuitous photo of our fave beach

It seems that Ramadan is the only time that I seriously commit to blogging. 😦 This not-good-detail is made worse by the fact that my blog’s supposed to be about boosting my iman; if the only time I make an effort here is in Ramadan, does that mean that the only time I make an effort to improve my iman is during Ramadan?

The only honest answer to that question is: kinda. Ramadan is not the only time I make an effort, but it is the time when I make the biggest effort, simply because the stakes are that much higher, and I always hope that some of my Ramadan routine sticks afterwards.

Also, I think I bit off more than I can chew with this blog – I had it in my head that it would be easy to stick with and good fun, whilst being over-ambitious with it. So, I’m going to try to reduce the length of my posts and cut back on the number of links in my posts, cause trying to find those suckers takes forever!

Now in preparation for getting back to this blog I read through some previous posts to see what I did last year in terms of preparing for Ramadan and during the month. Funnily enough, looking back now there are three things that I’ve sort of kept up since then:

  • Cutting out the gossip. I haven’t completely cut this out, but compared to last year, I spend so much less time online reading celeb gossip (I still manage to know what’s going on, but just from headlines, not reading every little thing). The main way I’ve managed to do this is to replace it all with different, interesting stuff to read online.
  • Cutting back on TV. I have no intention whatsoever of completely giving up TV for life – it’s not important to me personally. However, I don’t like the idea of wasting 3 hours a day passively watching telly. As a result, I’ve cut back to around 45mins – 2hrs a day and spend that time working on my knitting, which I wouldn’t do otherwise.
  • Read more Qur’an. So far, since January this year, I’ve already read the Qur’an once and am just over half way through a second completion. 😀

Preparation for Ramadan this year has been somewhat less than in previous years, because I’ve been trying to enjoy the short summer we have before it starts.

Anyways, I’m at where I’m at. Inshallah I’ll set some Ramadan goals (they probably won’t be much different to last year’s) in my next post. As far as this blog is concerned, I’ve decided to focus on writing shorter posts more often Inshallah, linking where necessary.

How’s your year been Islamically? Have you done anything (unlike me) to prepare for Ramadan this year?