Unfortunately, I don’t really have anything interesting to write about. Not off the top of my head, at any rate. So I’ve been trying to rack my brains for a topic and eventually I remembered the research papers I’ve written for uni which can easily be taken apart and rewritten in more manageable chunks for a blogpost. So, here goes. (N.B.: Inshallah, this also means that I’ll have a few regular topics to start off with!)


Ok, so on to the benefits of learning about the signs of the day of judgement. Here are just some of the benefits of learning about something that seems so far off:


1)For starters, it helps to correct peoples’ misguided beliefs and attitudes about some issues. These issues can range from trying to pinpoint the exact date of the last day (despite many verses in the Qur’an explicitly stating that it is unknown to mankind), to following one of the many liars who have claimed that they are the Mahdi (a leader who will appear at the end of time, just before the second coming of Jesus, May Allah’s Peace and Blessings be upon him), to other things that I can’t think of, because I’ve yet to hear about them and – Alhamdulillah – I’m a little lacking in the creativity department in this area. 😉


2) Another benefit of learning about these signs is that it is part of the belief in the day of judgement. This is – obviously – incredibly important as believing in this day is one of the 6 pillars of Iman.


3) Studying these signs reinforces a Muslim’s belief in the sources of Islam. Seeing as some of these signs (too many for my liking – it makes me feel like we’re dangerously close to Judgement Day!) have already come about, it reaffirms a Muslim’s belief in the Qur’an and the Sunnah. And this is true for Muslims throughout the years since the revelation of the Qur’an, as each generation witnesses the occurrence of some new signs.


4) Knowing and believing in the signs of the day of judgement reaffirms faith in the day of judgement itself. The day of judgement is an unknown, and we wouldn’t even know that it’s going to happen except for the revelation. Reading about signs that have already happened, makes the day of judgement seem much more real than if all we knew was that it’s going to happen.


5) A lot of the time, when the prophet (May Allah’s Peace and Blessings be upon him) told us about some of the more unpleasant signs of the day of judgement, he also gave us advice on how to face them. Examples of this are when the prophet advised Abu Dharr Al-Gifari to avoid the tribulations and divisions that he would witness after the death of the prophet, as well as his advice regarding the Dajjal (Antichrist).


6) Along the same lines, we sometimes find that along with the description of the signs we also have a clarification of Islamic rulings that would be affected.  The main example of this is regarding the first three days out of forty near the end of time, with the first day lasting as long as a year, the second lasting a month, then finally a day like a week, with the remaining days being like regular days. The prophet has informed us that we have to adjust our prayers so that we pray a years’ worth of prayers in the day that lasts a year, etc.

7) As Sulaiman Al-Ashqar stated in his book ‘Al-Qiyamah As-Sughra’ (don‘t know if it‘s available in English, although I’m pretty sure it is, as it’s part of his series of books on Iman.), wanting to know what will happen in the future is innate. Resorting to divination, astrology, fortune telling, and other ways to learn about the future is not allowed because it is unreliable. However, to satisfy our curiosity, we have these signs that tell us about the future. And it can be uplifting – it’s not all doom and gloom people!


So there you go, some of the most important reasons for learning about the signs of the day of Judgement.

Is there anything I missed?