My parents recently got back from Hajj, having left me in charge of the house and, more importantly, my brothers and sister (I’m the eldest). Obviously, I’m very glad that they’re back, most especially because it means that I don’t have to take care of everyone and everything anymore. This got me thinking about Amana (Trusts) in Islam. My parents went away and left me with an enormous Amana (which I totally delivered, BTW) and the whole thing got me thinking about all the other trusts I have in my life.
For starters, there’s my health. Now, I’m not the healthiest person in the world – I mean, I’ve had knee problems since I was 10, I’m not even kidding and that’s just the start of all my problems – but generally speaking, I’m in pretty good shape, Alhamdulillah. And I know that my health is a gift from Allah – a huge blessing – but it’s also an Amana: a trust from Allah. It’s not something that I should be all ‘yay, I have good health, Alhamdulillah. Now pass the cookies while I veg out on the sofa for a few more hours’. Seriously, if Allah gave me good health, I’m pretty sure He expects me to take care of it, and that means eating right, working out, and not filling it with crap. Evidence? Hmmm. How’s about the obvious one: in surah An-Nisa’ (verse 29)Allah says “And do not kill yourselves, verily Allah has been merciful with you”. Not taking care of my health will literally kill me. Nuff said.

Another Amana I have in my life is my brain. Alhamdulillah I have one. And Alhamdulillah it’s a pretty good one. But, ahem, weren’t we all given brains? Don’t they all work well? No? Ok, well how about you think about something absurdly trivial that you know really well. For me, that would probably be the Lord of the Rings film trilogy (it’s kinda hard to choose from amongst all the other rubbish I know so much about). I can quote it, list the entire cast and tell you an inordinate amount of useless, truly useless, information about those films. How? Because I have a brain. And so do you. Question is how does it get used? Allah didn’t give me a brain just so’s I can have in-depth knowledge about LOTR, it’s a trust, and I have to take care of it, by developing it through memorising Qur’an and studying. Which reminds me …

Then there’s all the things that I take for granted: sight, hearing, mobility, my laptop, etc. All these things were given to me (even though I paid for the laptop myself) by Allah and I owe it to Him (as well as myself for the reward in the next life) to take care of them.

Admittedly some things are easier to take care of than others. I mean staying healthy can be an uphill battle at times (like when my mum leaves me in charge of cooking – seriously, nobody makes fatty foods like me!), as can using my brain. And then there are those things that I don’t think of as a trust things like my parents. It’s their job to take care of me, not the other way around, right? At least, until they become doddering wrecks (could happen sooner rather than later). But I’m starting to realise, that maybe they’re as much a trust to me as my brothers, sister and myself have been to them. I mean, I always help out, because I know it’s right, but I guess it’s also because they are entrusted to me as much as I have been to them and it’s my duty to look after that Amana. At least sometimes …

I wonder what other people feel they have been trusted with and how they try to take care of their Amana.